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Why Switch to Dish Network From Cable or Another Satellite Provider

Why Switch to Dish Network From Cable or Another Satellite Provider?

Why switch to Dish Network from cable or another satellite provider? Some people are still skeptical about switching to satellite TV, but Dish Network is better, more affordable, and clearer than cable or DirecTV. And if you take advantage of the free offers then you can order a satellite television package that can’t be beat!

What kind of special deals can you get ? How about free equipment for four rooms – that’s four separate receivers in four different rooms in your home. And each receiver is installed by a DishNetwork professional installer at no cost. If you’re worried that you’ll have to watch the same channels in different rooms, don’t. Each receiver can display different channels – all in perfect digital quality with high definition capability – cable can’t compete.

How much does Dish Network cost? Satellite packages through the special promotions on this site start at $19.99 for 40 of you favorite programs and up to $74.99 for 350 channels, 31 movie channels (HBO, Starz!, Showtime, and Cinemax), 25 High Definition channels, 52 music channels, and 60 Sirius radio channels. Right now, many satellite resellers also offer a free DVR (digital video recorder) that you can use to recorder over 100 hours of your favorite programs in perfect digital clarity. Call your local cable TV provider and ask them if they can match that price!

What kind of customer service does DishNetwork provide? Dish Network was started in 1996 with the goal of providing a new level of service among satellite TV providers. There are now over 12.5 million satisfied customers serviced by a fleet of 10 satellites. Dish wants to keep you as a customer and one of the ways they do that is through unbeatable customer care. Don’t take Dish’s word for it – J. D. Power and Associates has ranked DishNetwork highest in customer satisfaction several years in a row. And if you sign up for an 18-month agreement – DishNetwork will throw in the Dish Home Protection Plan for FREE! The plan gives you 24/7 free technical support, free equipment replacement, cabling and power surge repairs, and a free mover’s program.

What about local channels? If you order Dish Network you may qualify to receive local networks via your new satellite dish. This includes all your favorites like NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX! But don’t worry, if you don’t qualify for local channels over your dish, you may still get all your local channels at no cost on an off-air antenna. If you have been looking for the best deal in satellite TV – look no further.

What Makes Bissell A Great American Company

What Makes Bissell A Great American Company

I love to try out new products to see if they really work,  read  my “The Little Robot That Could”, article.  When I saw the commercial about a spot removing machine that worked with just a push of a button I was on board.  This product is called the Spot Bot and it’s one of the spot removers that actually does remove stains.  I’ve tried it from everything from pet stains to drink spills and after Spot Bot does it’s thing with the simple push of a button the carpet looks so clean where the spot was that it makes the rest of the carpet look bad.  The Spot Bot has a surface stain button, which runs it through a quicker but also effective clean up, a set in stain button which I use mostly because the cycle is longer, you can also use the hose button and detach the hose to do a more wide spread clean up.  Even though the Bissell Spot Bot is a terrific cleaning machine, the reason I also like it is because the Bissell company stands behind their products.

After being absolutely satisfied by my Spot Bot, one day my little machine ceased to work.  I went on the Bissell website and found a number to call for repairs.  I was told to bring my Spot Bot to a small company in my area.  I thought that I probably wouldn’t see my Spot Bot for a lengthy amount of time, or maybe my repair estimate would be really high which usually happens with electronic products that I have purchased from other companies in the past.  I still decided to bring my Spot Bot because it’s hard to give up the machines that make my clean up just a little bit easier.

A  little time went by and I received a call from the repair company and they told me Bissell sent me a new Spot Bot.  I was thrilled I wish more companies did business like this.

Now a little trivia on how Bissell got started.  Mrs. Bissell needed something to clean up the saw dust in the crockery shop that she and her husband Melville Bissell owned so Melville then designed the first machine and the Bissell Company was born.  After Melville’s passing, Anna Bissell took over the company and became the first woman CEO of an American company.

Water Safety And Electronics Are Not A Good Team

Water Safety And Electronics Are Not A Good Team

So you know electronics and any amount of water do not mix. It can and will totally destroy anything electronic. This would include your laptop, your computer, TV, and stereo. Water can damage your stove, razors, fans and your radio. The radio in your car is just in as much danger as the one in your house.
The stereo in your car may be in a little more danger because you usually have soda, coffee, or other drink. Your laptop may also be in danger because it can come in contact with bags of groceries which you throw on top of your laptop without thinking. Most of the time, you are in a hurry to get to your first class of the morning, or you are on your way to work and are running a little bit late. The last thing you think about is the electronic device sitting on the passenger seat in your car.
We use our electronic devices each and every day. We listen to our radio on the way to and from work. We use our computers and laptops to play games, talk to other people and friends, or to just work on. We make coffee every morning and use our stoves to cook on three times a day. We watch our TVs every night while some people have nothing better to do all day but watch TV.
If you happen to be around any water or something using electricity, don’t keep them too close together. Never have their cords in a place that you could trip on, causing that item to fall into this water. Be extremely careful with these things around small or young children and sometimes around older adults.
If any of these electric devices would happen to have some water spilled on them, pull the plug or shut it off immediately. Take off the back, if possible, and let it dry for several days. Sometimes this will work, and sometimes it won’t. If they spill soda pop on it, take it to someone who knows what they are doing and are qualified. However, there is no guarantee that they can repair it.
Just slow down and remember that these devices are not indestructible. If they are damaged in any way, it will cost you in the short and long run. You will have to replace these items. Most of the time, they will cost you more the second or third time around. If this were to happen to some people, they might not be able to replace things like a computer or a laptop. Be very careful.

Valuing Network Certifications – Is The Time, Money And Effort Worth The Bother

Valuing Network Certifications – Is The Time, Money And Effort Worth The Bother?

There are many ways to get any of the large number of network certifications now available. There’s not only software certification like those offered from Oracle, Java, Microsoft, etc. but there’s also direct network hardware certifications from strong companies like Cisco and then there’s the server administration, hardware repair, security and several sub category type certifications. All are available but the question is if these have any real value in the marketplace.

The answer, unfortunately is not simple. This is because while many companies demand a certain certification, they will also bend the requirement and allow you to get certified once you have the job. There’s also people in the marketplace who are strong proponents of certification or another. The reason for this is usually because they have that certification and by requiring it, they somehow believe it validates their decision to obtain the training and pass the tests.

The reality is that like a good resume and education pedigree, certifications help get you in the door. Think about it for a moment. If you were hiring a network administrator, you would probably ask for the usually experience and basic education and some type of networking certification. If 100 people claiming the same skills and experiences levels all apply and all have at least the single required certification while 10 have not only the network cert but also maybe several MS and a security certificate, which candidates applying would probably get scheduled for interviews? Right! It would be the ones with the better paper qualifications.

So the value of a certification can be measured by it’s recognition as important by employers, and the relative value they place on such training. If you’re applying in network shops that value certifications, then they will naturally place a premium on the fact that your have that training and will probably reflect that in an increased earnings range.

The real key however is to recognize that employers are NOT employing you because you have a certification. You must have the skills necessary to do the job and meet the requirements of the position. No amount of certifications can make up for a strong work ethic and solid experience. With today’s study materials, almost anyone can learn enough to pass the required tests and become certified. This however does not make anyone competent to work on a network anymore than walking into a garage makes one a mechanic. It’s skills, talent and knowledge that are truly desired.

Microsoft Certifications are one of the most widely pursued and acclaimed professional certifications in the IT industry. Preparing MS certification tests, however, is a significant undertaking whether you’re just out of college or have been in IT field for years. IT professionals are continuously demanded to acquire new knowledge in order to perform well on their jobs as new technology in the IT industry emerged at a pace that has never been seen before. Regardless what certifications (Microsoft Certified Professional or MCP, Microsoft Certified System Administrator or MCSA, Microsoft Certified System Engineer or MCSE ) you are pursuing, a thorough planning will increase the chance of success.

The importance of hands-on Experience, no matter if it’s your own little network at home or at your job, experience matters! Being able to apply the knowledge gained by the study necessary to obtain your certification is just as important as the exam itself.

When preparing for any certification test, have a network available to physically learn the principles being taught. You network might only be a couple of old PC’s and a switch but it’s enough to understand the principles and basic information. You gain valuable skills that cannot be obtained any other way except through hands on work.

Finally, consider using CBT’s or computer based training as part of your test preparation. These tools are a great way to take your level of understanding to a new level. This is also true of practice exams.

If you develop the skills necessary to support the certifications, all your training, costs and effort will pay off handsomely. With your knowledge and training, you can expect to be have an easier time getting considered for positions, moving up in a company, and enjoying a solid work career.

IT Networks: How to Argue for a Bigger Budget

IT Networks: How to Argue for a Bigger Budget

With computer networks, that mindset is dangerously
complacent.  IT networks will keep pumping data until they die or
let in hackers.  Here are some winning arguments against “if it
ain’t broke…”

IT Network Maintenance: Better Analogies

Don’t let your IT network’s budget get lumped with IT in
general–or worse, operations in general.  “If it ain’t broke,
don’t fix it” sometimes makes sense in IT or operations. 
Upgrading workstations or desks can cost productivity, making it

You have to stress that IT networks are different from workstations or desks.

IT networks are harder to repair.
IT networks cannot be done without until fixed.  You
depend on them for email, web, file transfers, and in some
organizations, printing, fax and telephone.  If your network
breaks you may be forced to rely on hand-written letters.
IT network improvements rarely lower productivity on the
front line.  Instead, a faster, more reliable network can improve
front-line productivity.

Here are the analogies you should stress to counter “if it ain’t broke”:

Plumbing: IT networks will appear to function until they
burst.  The damage will be more expensive than maintenance ever
could have been.  In the meantime, you are losing productivity to
all the little “leaks.”
Dams: If a poorly maintained IT network bursts, the eventual flood will harm overall productivity.
War: There is no such thing as “good enough” when you are in
competition.  With an IT network, you’re in a quiet arms race with
hackers.  You are also competing with your business competitors in
terms of productivity.
Health: Your IT network has to be in top physical
condition.  You can’t make up for bad habits with a week or two of
“rejuvenation.”  Meanwhile, your day-to-day performance will
Cars: Don’t wait for your IT network to conk out.  Get a regular tune-up of up-to-date equipment.
IT Network Maintenance: What Can Go Wrong

Now, let’s drive the point home.  Here are some concrete,
easy-to-explain reasons to keep your network up-to-date:

Power supplies.  Without redundant backups, your network
is vulnerable to a shutdown.  The lost productivity will make
extra equipment seem inexpensive in comparison.
Integrity.  Faulty or contradictory data can break older
networks.  Newer equipment has solved these problems.  Again,
the potential cost of lost productivity makes newer equipment a good
Firewalls.  Hackers can leak trade secrets stolen from
unprotected networks.  Firewall software upgrades are relatively
VOIP.  Organizations worldwide are switching to
VOIP–not just outside-line telephones but also switchboard and
teleconferencing.  If your network is out-of-date, it may fail
when you eventually try this new technology.
Speed.  Older platforms such as 10BASET will throttle
your bandwidth.  You can now upgrade to a Terabit or more. 
Just think of the seconds, minutes, hours, and days lost as staff wait
for email to arrive and web pages to load.

Final tip: show how cost-effective IT network maintenance
really is. Get a firm cost estimate from a vendor.  Just make sure
your cost estimate is as competitive as it can be.  You can often
get new equipment at half the cost of retail by buying refurbished

Close your case for a better network with this wisdom: no
matter what you pay, keeping your network up-to-date is cheaper than
the consequences of letting it fall into disrepair.