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A Hospital Wheelchair Should Make Movement Easier For Everyone

A Hospital Wheelchair Should Make Movement Easier For Everyone

A hospital wheelchair is as much a legal necessity as a physical requirement. This will help make sure that a patient doesn’t come in for one thing and leave with a broken leg to boot.  Often even people without mobility issues are required to be transported in and out of the building and to tests, exams, and other procedures in a wheelchair.  
While this can feel a little ridiculous for the person involved and be time-consuming for hospital personnel, there are nonetheless, valid reasons for it.  However, shouldn’t the process be made as easy, efficient, and cost conscious as possible?
Hospital wheelchairs are a significant portion of any institution’s budget, for all the reasons described above, as well as a few others.  One of the biggest secondary reasons why hospitals and similar institutions spend so much money on chairs is that they have tendency to wander out the doors on their own.  Well, not really on their own, but either under the power of the occupant or by another person who decides it would be really handy to have one without paying for it.
For this reason, the people in charge of this kind of thing are, quite understandably, inclined toward buying the cheapest chairs they can find.  This keeps the replacement costs down on the surface, but in reality leads to yet another expense.  Cheap chairs may be just that.  They will have a shorter life expectancy due to general wear and tear, as well as sometimes not actually being designed to carry the weight they are asked to.  
So, what can be done?  Spending money on more expensive chairs that will last longer is all well and good, but they are in turn even more likely to be stolen, which sends the costs soaring.
The answer is in a different kind of hospital wheelchair.  While for a long time, the focus on wheelchairs has been to increase the independence of their primary users, and rightly so, it took a very long time for the idea to blossom that there might need to be two kinds of chairs.  
The ideal hospital wheelchair would be sturdy enough to carry up to 500 pounds (or twice that for a bariatric chair) but at the same time, sufficiently maneuverable that a single attendant could transport the patient.  Other features that are also important in such a setting are armrests that raise quickly and easily so that a patient can be slid from bed to chair to exam table without lifting.  This also means a slight raise in the general height of the chair so that it is level with most beds.
Another valuable aspect of the ideal hospital wheelchair is one that at first blush seems limiting, but upon consideration makes a great deal of sense.  That is that the attendant, not the occupant, can only move it.  Not only does this keep a patient from stealing a chair, but also it keeps those in danger of hurting themselves from being able to roam at will, possibly incurring injury.  
Finally, this chair needs to nest – like shopping carts – so that it can be stacked with others in a central and secure location, to reduce theft and facilitate easy access.
Such a chair will cost more at the outset, but with the increased lifespan, both structurally and from not being stolen, the savings will be obvious almost at once.

Encompix Made2manage 2007 User Conference Set for Orlando

Encompix Made2manage 2007 User Conference Set for Orlando

Taking place October 10-13, 2007 at the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel in Orlando, FL, Made2Manage Systems’ premier customer conference will be the ideal venue for all customers to advance their skill set and enhance their proficiency level.

This event will bring together all Made2Manage Systems’ business units and customers at one location. After general sessions, each business unit will have its own track to focus on industry issues and new product features and services.

Through Custom-Designed Educational Workshops, Hands-On Practice Sessions, Interactive User Group Meetings, Hot Topic Roundtable Discussions, and One-on-One Consulting, every element of the event will better equip clients to utilize the ERP or CRM solution and revolutionize the way business is handled today. And for the first time, users from every Made2Manage business unit will gather together in one locale, providing Unlimited Networking Opportunities with fellow users, industry peers and product experts.

Encompix (www.encompix.com) a business unit of Made2Manage Systems, has filled the manufacturing software requirements of engineer-to-order companies since 1992. The company name reflects a commitment to developing business application solutions that encompass the complex areas of project-based and job-based manufacturing. Encompix provides ETO manufacturers with a competitive advantage by improving bottom line results.

About Made2Manage Systems Inc.

With more than 2,150 customers worldwide, Made2Manage Systems Inc. has a 20-year track record of delivering enterprise resource planning software and a broad range of services that meet the unique market specifications of more than 30 manufacturing sectors, including industrial and commercial machinery, fabricated metals, rubber and plastics, electronics, analytical and measuring equipment, furniture and fixtures, durable goods, and metals, wire and cable. Made2Manage Systems’ sustained leadership position in the ERP marketplace is built on a commitment to fostering productive, long-lasting customer relationships, developing a quality product line based on unique industry specifications, and providing excellence in customer support and professional services.

Prevent Leaks – Leak Tester Devices

Prevent Leaks – Leak Tester Devices

There are many available types of equipment that could serve as leak testers. These leak testers are used to compute the discharge of water, vacuum, or gases from a sealed apparatus. Most of these leak testers are operational with devices which calibrate, pump, and gauge leaks.

1. Distinguish Your Needs

In leak testing, the ideal leak tester could be identified from the founding of the leakage. Although in other cases, when you are not able to see through the machines, evaluation and calculation is your answer. Before performing exams and making use of leak testers, make sure that you have double-checked the cycle time of the leak pressure. Then you can estimate the equipment costs you might need.

- Consider product speed and resolution
– Are the engineers who advise you sure that the tools used are accurate?
– Find a number of models and select several that have the features you want
– Tools should have multiple part types
– Equipment should be easily upgradable if new parts are necessary
– Equipment can configure the sequence by itself
– Contain a vast number of pressure signatures for storage space and data compilation
– The ability to record and recall signatures

2. An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

A good leak tester should be able to predict leakages before they can even occur. It should be flexible in doing multiple tasks. These tasks consist of bar code reading, connection with local area networks, and temperature reimbursement. Because of recent updates in the technology, there have been a number of automatic leak testers that could operate without the engineers’ regular deliberation and analysis. After setting the options on your automatic leak tester, it would be able to start the cycle and do accurate testing by on its own. These automatic leak testing equipments could examine a part in less than 40 seconds.

3. Additional Considerations

In buying a leak tester, you should think of the durability before the price. Since equipment may cost you a large amount of money, make sure to think of quality first before anything else. You may have been charged with a low cost leak tester and saved some money, but in time it could break down and cost a number of calibration malfunctions. You would just spend a lot more in updated maintenance and fixings. Without the appropriate equipment, even the best professionals in the industry can’t do their job – so get the best equipment you can.

How To Choose The Best Remote Wireless Speakers

How To Choose The Best Remote Wireless Speakers

Remote wireless speakers allows you to enjoy audio from movies or music from every corner of your house produced with the latest technology. They can put it anywhere, because this gadget does not require a long cable and electricity tend to be more frugal. It can be arranged with a variety of positions, sizes, watts, and specifications.

The 2.1 speaker system is ideal for small room without any empty space, usually used for playing games but not for listening music. This combination has a 2-way satellite and center speaker 2 satellite.

The 5.1 speaker system. This combination has 5 2-way satellite speakers, sub woofers, and one 2-way center satellite speaker.

The 7.1 speaker system is a combination of the latest and best sound quality at the moment, can be used to simply play games, or watching movies and listening to the song. Good quality movie theater usually has adopted this system. This combination has 6 2-way satellite speakers, sub woofers, and one 2-way center satellite speaker.

All combination’s of this system depending on the existing brand. The better brands, the better the sound quality produced.

How to choose the best speaker system for your room?

Here are some important points to consider when choosing it. The first is compatibility, make sure the device you want to use remote support wireless technology, be it TV, CD player, etc. The second is the area of the room, make sure the room will be used is included in the signals coverage in order to keep receiving signals properly. Lastly, test all existing completeness before paying items will you buy and do not forget the warranty.

Laser Therapy & The Treatment of Migraines Recommended for Chiropractors and Naturopathic Doctors

Laser Therapy & The Treatment of Migraines Recommended for Chiropractors and Naturopathic Doctors

In the treatment of migraines, a low level laser is an ideal choice for a chiropractor and naturopathic doctor. The cold laser, when touched on the head, has a pleasant sensation and warmth.
This cold low level laser is used by the chiropractor to quickly get rid of migraines with no harm or invasive procedures to the patient. The pain relief is usually quick and long lasting when using a scalar wave laser. When a chiropractor uses a soft laser on the patients head, the relief is shown to the chiropractor as he or she uses scalar lasers for this treatment.
Why such a treatment with a cold laser? Well the low level lasers are easy to use. The cold low level laser will also use photosynthesis to speed the healing of a cluster headache without using drugs or surgery.
This is an optimal state for using the scalar wave laser as there are no side effects present when using this type of scalar laser for treatment of migraines. In using this soft laser, the patient heals faster and can go back to their daily life, instead of spending days in healing without the assistance of cold lasers.
When a chiropractor uses a cold laser for healing of migraines, he or she is fully assured of the patients complete recovery. In the instances when a chiropractor decides to go only with the traditional methods, this adds healing time that could have been halved by using a cold low level laser.
By using a scalar wave laser, this assures fewer visits to the chiropractor and rapid healing of the patient. Most patients actually prefer the scalar lasers to the more traditional methods of manipulation and heat packs. Soft laser usage is also medically feasible for both doctor and patient.
Using a cold laser in healing has optimal benefits for the patient. When treatment is done with a cold low level laser, the benefits are immediate and long lasting. Scalar wave laser treatments are not new, but due to the advanced healing that they provide, these scalar lasers are more and more in demand.
The training with scalar wave lasers is easy and affordable and can be used immediately for helping patients with migraines get the relief that they are praying for. In fact, healing with a scalar laser is both easy and may be more cost effective instead of the more traditional methods of chiropractors.
When seeing a chiropractor for a migraine, it is helpful to note that the usage of a cold laser speeds up the body’s ability to heal. When time is a factor in the healing, the usage of a cold low level laser greatly speeds up the process.
The look of relief on a patient after having treatment with a scalar wave laser is worth the cost. The usage of such scalar wave lasers is becoming much more prevalent in chiropractic offices around the country. The chiropractor thus ensures that their patient heals quickly.