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Try These Tips for Successful Digital Photo Printing

Try These Tips for Successful Digital Photo Printing

Digital photo printing is an arena all its own in the world of computers, scanners, and printers. Gone are the days when to print something, all you had to do was push a button or click the mouse. People had very little say in how the printed materials quality turned out. Things have come a long way since then, and photo printing leads the way. There are many things that people can do these days to control how a picture that is printed turns out.
Tons of software and different hardware are available to accomplish hundreds of fun tasks with photos. If you are interested in improving your skill at printing high quality digital photos, here are some tips to keep in mind and get you started.
Digital Photo Printing: Paper and dpi
One thing to consider with digital photo printing is the paper you are using. Any picture can be printed on standard printer paper, but the quality is extremely poor, especially looking close up. You can buy the more expensive, good quality photo paper, which will help tremendously, but dont forget to change the type of paper in your printer settings from standard to photo. These settings can be found in the Printer Setup menu. The photos wont be in top shape, even with good photo paper, if the printer thinks it is printing on the standard stuff.
Another good idea when it comes to digital photo printing is to really familiarize yourself with the concept of dpi. The dpi, or dots per inch, of a printed picture will determine the quality of a printed photo when it is enlarged. The higher the dpi, the better the quality will remain for larger size printouts. We have all seen that digital cameras are many times classified according to how many megapixels they operate with.
To figure out how many pixels you will need to produce a high quality printout, multiply the dpi by the picture size. For instance, an 8X10 photo with a dpi of 150 would need 8*150X10*150 pixels, or 1200X1500 pixels, which most 2 megapixel cameras can handle with fair to good quality.
There are many people who are not interested in messing with the pixels, the printers, the papers, the ink, the dpi, and so on. For those who would rather not deal with it all, there are many stores, online and otherwise, that you can take your digital memory storage device to who will take care of the digital photo printing for you. These days, just about anywhere that develops 35mm film will be able to print out your digital photos for you as well. Rest assured, these professionals know all of the numbers and settings that will give you top notch printouts that youll love for years.

The Solar Power House Gets a Revolutionary Battery

The Solar Power House Gets a Revolutionary Battery

Solar power technology for residences has been with us for a while, but it has historically been prohibitively costly.  However, because of new photovoltaic (PV) thin-film chemistry and better manufacturing systems, costs have recently been dropping significantly.  Some solar panel production companies are announcing PV panels for under $2 a watt which is a four-hundred percent price reduction from the $8 it was only several years ago.

The convergence of these improvements with a remarkable new deep-storage battery technology has previously unimaginable implications for the solar power house and our dependence on fossil fuels for electricity production.

A revolutionary new cost-effective, deep-storage battery has arrived that is the result of 10 years of research and testing that’s small and safe enough to sit in your home and power it. It is likely to be the single most important new technology to date for the potential supply of sufficient solar power electricity produced in the home.  A company named Ceramatec is the developer on this breathtaking new battery technology.

The the core value of their huge battery technology breakthrough is that high density power storage (high levels) can now be accomplished safely at operating temperatures below 90 degrees C which allows for solid components instead of hot liquid.  This is an astonishing breakthrough because currently most energy-dense batteries are very large containers of very hot highly corrosive and toxic molten sodium – conditions very unsuitable for use in the home.

Ceramatec indicates its new generation of battery, about the size of a refrigerator, can store approximately 20 to 40 kilowatt hours of energy for 3,650 daily discharge/recharge cycles over about 10 years of battery life.  With the batteries anticipated to sell for about $2,000, this calculates to below 3 cents a kilowatt hour battery cost over its life.  Traditional electricity from the grid usually costs around 8 cents per kilowatt hour, and typical deep-cycling lead/acid batteries typically only last for a few hundred cycles so they expire after only about a year.

Ceramatec’s new battery technology also has profound possibilities for the U.S. electrical grid which is an inefficient, aging approach to energy.  Taking a load off the grid through electricity production and storage at home would likely extend the system’s life and eliminate the expenditure of hundreds of billion dollars to make it “smart.”  Additionally, centralized management of the energy grid requires the use of computers, which brings on potential problems such as hackers and terrorists.  Also, large-scale energy generation from centralized power plants creates the possibility of regional grid blackouts created by a “point failure” on the grid.

The potential  with this new battery is to reduce pressure on the grid and move homeowners closer to greater energy independence. With small-scale solar electrical production and battery storage occuring at millions of individual residences the above problems should be severly reduced.

It’s hard to imagine anything more secure than generating power from the sun at your own solar power house, and having a safe, cost-effective way to store it.  It’s the optimum in security, and the optimum in control.”

Ceramatec says that they are close to moving from initial scale-up toward a commercial product, and this presents an enormous opportunity for home production of solar power electricity.

THE SUPERIOR NANO MATERIAL: Nano Graphene Platelets (NGP) outperforms Carbon NanoTubes (CNT)

THE SUPERIOR NANO MATERIAL: Nano Graphene Platelets (NGP) outperforms Carbon NanoTubes (CNT)

The Nano Graphene Platelets (NGP) material discovered in 2004 has been studied for a number of years. It has many of the same characteristics as Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT) and other carbon particles; NGPs overall performance equals or exceeds most application performances when compared with any other Nano particles. Nano Graphene Platelets are also known as Graphene Nanoplatelets. Carbon Nano Tubes are also known as Carbon Nanotubes.
According to some studies, composites when infused with NGP are stiffer and less prone to failure than composites infused with carbon nano tubes or other nanoparticles. These gains are in the area of 1 order of magnitude.
When added to polymers, NGPs mechanical strength exceeds that of Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT). NGP and CNT can have similar functionalization or surface treatments to improve mechanical bonding and electrical characteristics. NGPs superior shape (grid like or fence shape) gives a better mechanical attachment than the CNT tubular shape, this unique shape gives NGP significantly higher strength, puncture and crack resistances, as well as excellent permeability barrier properties. These improved properties can be seen in a host of different materials.
Super capacitors can perform better when made with NGP. NGP based nanocomposite materials exhibit high levels of capacitance and electrical conductivity as well as demonstrating chemical stability and low mass density. The conductive film is superior because of the unique molecular shape of the particles, which can store more electrons than other known materials.
When adding 1% to 2 % NGP by volume to aluminum the electrical conductivity and strength are improved significantly.
References and Additional Resources Graphene Outperforms Carbon Nanotubes for Creating Stronger, More Crack-Resistant Materials by Professor Nikhil Koratkar April 26, 2010 http://news.rpi.edu/update.do?artcenterkey=2715 Angstron Materials Inc. http://angstronmaterials.com/
By David Graber in association with Nano Enhanced Wholesale Technologies, LLC http://www.nano-enhanced-wholesale-technologies.com/

Comcast Cable – the Highest Quality Digital Provider

Comcast Cable – the Highest Quality Digital Provider!

The television has entered our lives and it is here to stay. Along with it, Cable TV has invaded our living rooms and with technologies such as HDTV, it is improving all the time. Comcast and Cable TV are often associated with each other because of the way they have delivered outstanding service over the course of many years. Comcast constantly updates themselves with the latest technologies, applying them for the customer’s benefit while maintaining their legendary reliability. But, Comcast hasn’t focused just on providing digital cable service. Besides counting on Comcast for the best quality in Cable TV, they can also provide phone and Internet connections with the speed and digital quality you’ve come to expect.
In order to adequately enjoy the multitude of entertainment choices offered today, cable television alone is not enough. In addition to that, having a connection to the internet is now a necessity. With high speed internet connection provided by Comcast that does not tie up the phone line like a dial up, time on the internet need not be limited. Comcast’s internet service allows the whole family to enjoy the internet without slowing down the connection or each other. The Internet connection package comes with additional devices and features that make surfing the Internet easier, safer and more convenient. A good example of this is a free cable modem which can be used to connect a computer to the internet. Comcast internet is fast, reliable, inexpensive and gives you access to information that you need every day.
With each passing day digital cable is becoming more desirable. The reason behind this is perhaps the fact that it is so much more advanced than the conventional analog TV signal in so many different ways. Digital cable provides the optimum amount of interactivity with the TV as well as amazingly clear video quality. When you get Comcast TV you will also receive many local program choices, such as television shows and films, at a very low cost. It is everything you could ever want in a programming package!  The expanded features include DVR digital receivers, music shows, movies, digital sound, and even an electronic program guide. When you have Comcast Cable TV you’ll have the advantage of the clarity of digital audio and video.
If you would prefer to keep from opening huge bills, then order Comcast Phone. Comcast offers superior phone services when compared to competitors. Comcast telephone services provide the customer with unlimited local and long distance calling. Features such as call forwarding, voicemail, caller ID, as well as call waiting are included for an affordable monthly fee. With Comcast’s digital phone service, you can enjoy the latest technology in telephone services and gain access to a more convenient and exciting unlimited telephone service.
Comcast is one of the biggest cable providers in the United States and is well known for its digital cable services. Comcast Triple Play, with its great package offers, is the answer to all of your cable, telephone and online needs.

Spy Cams and What They Might Do to you

Spy Cams and What They Might Do to you

When discussing about spy cameras, one of the initial things that you will perhaps consider is James Bond films, possibly even conspiracy theories if you have a mind that is open to such ideas. Still needless to mention, they are not as bizarre as Hollywood appears them to be. They’re only surveillance cams that are more little than what we normally observe. As a matter of fact, spy cams aren’t supposed to be seen. That is why they’re normally tiny and housed in casings made to appear as the most mundane objects like ballpens, watches, cosmetics, sunglasses, even buttons.

A spy camera is a surveillance technology used in circumstances where concealed surveillance is most needed. For example, you are suspecting that one of your employees is cheating in one manner or another. To stop them from letting their guards up and permitting you to catch that specific person red-handed on video, you employ the usage of a concealed spy cam to regulate your individuals without them learning about it. You could also decide to bring them around should the need arise by utilizing hidden spy camera to regulate your persons without them learning about it. You can also opt to bring them around should the need arise by utilizing wireless spy cameras. It is actually somewhat fundamental, yet it gets the work done! Nanny cameras also became so popular modes of spy cams after reports of nannies as well as maids misbehaving and mistreating the kids when the employers aren’t around.

A spy cam comes in many designs. There are those that are placed in inanimate things made to match into the common atmosphere letting them inconspicuous, such as those disguised as or concealed in lamps, watches, as well as speaker systems; and spy camera glasses and button cameras which are also referred to as body worn, mini spy cameras. Still a spy camera does not essentially imply a little surveillance technology. A well-hidden, usual security camera may also be thought of as a spy camera.

These kinds of security cameras can be more dangerous than usual CCTV cameras. At least, with the CCTV cams, you are aware that you are being taped so you tend to get your act together. With concealed spy cams, you don’t know when that tiny all-seeing eye is trained on you and there you are doing whatever you want like doing. Which is the main goal of having spy cams: to discover what you’re doing when you believe nobody’s watching. These little technologies break up marriages when a spouse is caught philandering, discredit an otherwise credible individual, as well as pull down people in high statures.

As you may notice, when something as little as a mini spy camera could ruin a reputation, how sensitive can reputation be? I assume all we should do is take good care of it. However, respect may sometimes be very elusive. Temptation is a part of living, yet when you give in to temptation kindly, you are likely to get out of the problem unscathed, when you get into a mess at all! All I’m saying is, get your act together before those covert video cameras catch you. Then if you have to give in, think of the aftereffects. I’m sure you’ll discover a way around it.