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About the Sony Bravia Hdtv

About the Sony Bravia Hdtv

The Sony bravia hdtv range is another commitment from Sony to be resolute to its Sony style way of working. Sony’s Bravia Hdtv comes in several elegant models, all designed with the best technology in mind, while also producing a Hdtv set which looks great in your home.

Sony has been an industry leader in electronics, and the company is certainly well-known for its introduction of the very first personal portable cassette player – the Walkman. Sony has been leap years ahead with its technology in tv sets. And the Trinitron technology has filtered through the years, getting better and better to ‘WEGA’. Sony now brings us the Bravia range of high definition Tv sets. In fact the Sony Trinitron technology was such a major breakthrough in television technology that in May 1973, Sony became the first Japanese company to receive an Emmy for developing the Trinitron colour Television system.

When the Sony hdtv bravia first was released the range of Bravia hdtv products was priced beyond which most would have been willing to pay. However, as men, women, and children like you and me have seen the benefits of High-definition television technology, more and more inhabitants have purchased a Bravia hdtv set. This has worked to our benefit, as the prices of Sony bravia hd tv sets have reduced in price, and finding a Bravia hdtv at the best prices is fully possible.

Sony Bravia HD Televisions (formerly named the Wega) are some of the company’s most recent products, and you’re sure to find a Sony HD Television that’s right for you! Although these Sony LCD HD Tvs were initially somewhat high-priced, they are somewhat more reasonable now. The Sony Bravia KDL-V40XBR1 is a 40-inch model that retails for close to $2200. Regardless, they do provide some of the best pictures that you can get on a LCD Tv. Although LCD HD Televisions may not quite be able to compete with plasma HD Tv, Sony has certainly done a nice job with the rebranded Bravia line. At cnet.com, the Sony Bravia KDL-V40XBR1 HD Tv got a rating of 7.7 from the editors on a ten-point scale. The Sony Bravia KDL-V40XBR1 also had an average user rating of 8.4 (from 87 users).

::: Where To Buy A Sony hdtv bravia Set? :::

You can buy a Sony bravia set from many places. Local electrical stores stock Sony Bravia range of Hdtv sets. Also online many places sell the Sony hd tv range of Hdtv sets.

Finding a great Sony bravia set for your home is a possiblility. With a crystal clear picture, and a much improved quality of picture, owning a Sony bravia set was only prohibitive to most people due to the high costs. Now the Sony bravia hd tv range of Hdtv sets have come down in price, making it possible for everyone to own a Hdtv set.

Wireless Audio Visual Intercom System

Wireless Audio Visual Intercom System

New bilateral (two-way) intercom system is perfect for indoor and outdoor surveillance. It works on the 2.4GHz wireless frequency to securely transmit digital AV signals (audio and video) and comes with an outdoor unit and a portable indoor receiver with a 2.4 inch screen to let you see who’s at the door from anywhere in your home.
At home, and enjoying an evening in bed with your wife/husband/partner? Now you can know who’s at the door right from your bedside instead of getting up and walking all the way to the front door! For people and businesses that have an E-Lock mechanism in their doors, then this wireless audio visual intercom system will work even better. At the office, the receiver allows you to unlock the door remotely by connecting your doors E-lock mechanism to the outer unit. So not only do can you see who’s at the door, you can even unlock the door to let them into the entryway or lobby.
Wondering if there are any strangers lurking at your front entrance? Then you can press the monitor button on the wireless receiver and view the outside of your home day or night. The CVKF-J14 also lets you take snap shots of people knocking at your door, just hold down the monitor button for a couple of seconds and a photo will be captured.
The wireless video receiver also displays a signal strength indicator on the screen. This is very useful and lets you know if the unit is still receiving a signal or not. So when you decide to use the receiver as a portable unit you can make sure not to wander out of range from the door. The outer unit comes with 6 LED lights, so even in the darkest lighting conditions you will still be able to know who’s there.
The audio and visual receiver with viewscreen can be placed on a desk, mounted to a wall, or even used as a portable unit that you can carry around with you – the choice is yours! No more blindly letting people into your office. With the CVKF-J14 AV intercom system you can quickly let in the people you want while keeping out those you do not. Welcome to 21st century convenience!
This two way wireless Audio/visual intercom system is in stock in our warehouse right now and is available for single piece or bulk orders. Get your wholesale prices, factory direct wholesale priced Wireless Audio Visual Intercom System today!
At a Glance…

  • Takes Photos
  • 24/7 Security
  • Wireless & Portable
  • Audio/Video Intercom
  • Perfect For Heavy sleepers

Manufacturers Specifications

  • Primary Function: Home Audio and Visual Portable Intercom System
  • Indoor Unit Specifications:
    - Power Supply – Input 100-240V (50/60Hz) / Output – DC 5V 1A
    - Screen Size – 2.4 inch TFT LCD screen
    - On Screen Indicators – Signal Bar, Battery Bar, Time, Atmosphere Temperature
    - Modulation – GFSK
    - Internal Battery – 3.7V 1200mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
    - Power Consumption – Standby – 0.1W / Working – 12W
    - Frequency – 2.4GHz
    - Channel – 64
    - Transmitting Power – 17dBm
    - Wireless transmitting range – approx. 15 meters
    - Charging Time – 3 Hours
    - Onboard Buttons/Indicators – Unlock Door, View Monitor. Talk Button, MIC, LED Indicator, Mini USB Input, Speaker, Volume -/+, Brightness control -/+, Antenna, Power ON/OFF Switch
    Dimensions: L:102 x W:134 x H:55 (mm)
  • Outdoor Unit Specifications:
    - Power Supply – Input 100-240V (50/60Hz) / Output – DC 5V 1A
    - Camera – CMOS 300,000 Pixels
    - Light Source – 6 LEDs
    - Channel – 64
    - Modulation – GFSK
    - Frequency – 2.4GHz
    - Transmitting Power – 17dBm
    - Dimensions: L:127 x W:95 x D:36 (mm)
    - Onboard Buttons/Indicators – Call Button, 6 LED Lights. MIC, Speaker, LED Indicator, Power ON/OFF Switch
  • Operating Temperatures: -5 to + 45 Degrees Celsius
  • Certification: FCC, CE
  • Manufacturers Ref: HPWM1AEEOIU3

Product Notes

  • Very Simple to use, easy and straight forward
  • Take your time in the bathroom, no need to rush things as long as you have the portable viewscreen receiver with you!
  • The outer unit connects via a negative and positive power cable to the e-lock mechanism in your door
  • The indoor receiver charges through either the power charger provided or through a USB connection on your computer
  • The outdoor receiver comes with 6 LED’s to provide light during dark lighting condition, so you can always see who is at the door
  • To view captured photos, press the monitor button and hold down for 2 seconds, then you can navigate with the arrow keys and view the photos

Package Contents for CVKF-J14

  • Audio Visual Tow Way Intercom Units
  • Power Adapter 100-240V x2
  • Positive Negative Wiring For E-lock System
  • User manual – English

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the CVKF-J14 also record video?
    No, you can only take photos with the CVKF-J14 to have a record of who visited.
  • How do I connect the CVKF-J14 to my door, my door does not have an E-Lock?
    This AV intercom system, can unlock your door, but it can also make a huge difference in your life, e.g. never to have to get out of bed to see who is at the front door.
  • What exactly is an E-Lock?
    E-lock stands for electronic lock, if your door comes with an electronic lock then you have connect it to this wireless AV intercom system. If your door does not come with an e-lock, then you can still install the wireless audio visual intercom system, it helps knowing who’s at the door, whether your in the kitchen, garage, bathroom or just taking a nap.
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  • Written By: A.D.
  • Photos & Graphics By: L.H.

Visit the website: http://www.electronicschinawholesale.com
You will find much more.

Current Reviews:    1 This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 10 September, 2009.

Reviews for: (Wireless Audio Visual Intercom System)

  Wireless Audio Visual Intercom System Am securedby Baciro Ibraima Nicolau – on 10/15/2009

This is incredible, I couldnt believe how confortable iam since i got my wireless intercom system. Its works perfectly and you can carry it wherever you want along within the house and still have it doing the work. It come with inbuilt litium battery and it has a very long duration lite time. It does everything the say, This is great . Thanks chinavasion,This is lovely keep it up.
Don The style boy.

Information about HDMI cable

Information about HDMI cable

Consumers should know that HDMI is a compact audio/video interface to transmitt uncompressed digital data presently available inthe market in many countries. Consumers should know that the hdmi stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface available in various shapes and colors in the market. Not only this hdmi cable represents digital alternative to consumers analog standards like radio frequency (RF) coaxial cable, composite video, S-Video, SCART, component video, D-Terminal, and VGA. Also hdmi cable helps in connecting digital audio/video sources like set-top boxes, Blu-ray Disc players, personal computers , video game consoles called as  PlayStation 3, models of Xbox 360, AV receivers such as compatible digital audio devices, computer monitors, and digital televisions.
these HDMI cable products started their  shipping in 2003 once launched in the world market.  More than 850 consumer electronics and PC companies have bought the HDMI cables making its productivity valuable to its consumers in the world . Also in Europe several DVI-HDCP and HDMI cable are included in  HD ready in-store brand to TV sets for HDTV structured by EICTA and SES Astra in the year 2005. consumers should know that the HDMI cable started its appearance on consumer HDTV camcorders and digital still cameras in 2006 globally. Later shipments of HDMI cable wide-spread that of DVI done by the CE market in 2008.
latest HDMI cable based on a single cable on any TV or  PC video format with standard, enhanced, and high-definition video  available in many countries. And this hdmi cable supports up to 8 channels of digital audio and consumer Electronics Control signal than the rest of the competitive brands in the market. Consumers should know that hdmi cable helps in  encoding the video data into TMDS of uncompressed digital transmission over HDMI in many devices. consumers will see that hdmi cable devices are coming up in different versions of varied specification with each version having numbers like 1.0, 1.2, and 1.3a . consumers should visit online shops to know more about hdmi cable before using it in life.

Sony Tops in HDTV Reliability

Sony Tops in HDTV Reliability

Are you looking for a new TV for Christmas?  Need to have it before the Superbowl?  Before shelling out your hard earned cash for a purchase that size, get some feedback from people who have them.  Do you have a co-worker or neighbor whose brain you can pick?  Well, PC World did just that with 16,000 of their best friends.

In a recent survey, PC World asked 16,000 readers to rate their HDTVs and published their results.  Sony was the hands down winner earning the highes ratings in seven of nine categories.  While LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp and Vizio didn’t fare too bad, either, the Sony Bravia was number one.

Sony, the electronics giant, known for high-quality, high-end HDTV’s, earned praise for hardware reliability and customer service.  “I’ve gone with Sony for many years. I find them to be reliable and high-quality, and they last a long time,” says Alan Ronkin, who bought a 40 inch Sony Bravia a year ago and is pleased with it.

Sony’s experience with HD technology means that it can produce a better picture.

The nine criteria used in the survey were:

Reliability Measures

  • Problems on arrival: Based on the percentage of survey respondents who reported one or more problems with the TV set out of the box.
  • Any hardware or software problems: Based on the percentage of survey respondents who reported any problem at all during the TV’s lifetime.
  • Severe problems: Based on the percentage of survey respondents who reported a problem that rendered the TV impossible to use.
  • Ease of use: Based on the percentage of survey respondents who rated their TV as extremely or very easy to use.
  • Satisfaction with reliability: Based on the owner’s overall satisfaction with the reliability of the TV.

Service Measures

  • Phone hold time: Based on the average time a product’s owners waited on hold to speak to a phone support representative.
  • Phone rating: Based on a cumulative score derived from the owners’ ratings of several aspects of their experience in phoning the company’s technical support service. Among the factors considered were whether the information was easy to understand, and whether the support rep spoke clearly and knowledgeably.
  • Failure to resolve problem: Based on the percentage of respondents who said their problem was unresolved after they contacted the company’s support service.
  • Service experience: Based on a cumulative score derived from TV owners’ responses to questions focusing on 11 particular aspects of their experience with the company’s service department.

What’s ahead for HDTV? Even lower prices and more cutthroat competition, as vendors push for market share and consumers shop for their second or third set. “Now the 52-inch goes to the living room, and the 37-inch or 42-inch retires to the bedroom or den,” The Envisioneering Group’s Doherty says.

But will quality suffer? Possibly for a while, IDC’s Haruki predicts, as vendors beef up manufacturing and support to handle increased sales and users. “Vendors will need to increase service, or they’ll have a lot of dissatisfied customers,” he says. Manufacturing will move to countries with cheaper labor, too. Vendors “may have issues…but only because it’s a transitional period,” Haruki adds. “As time goes on, they’ll figure it out and become more reliable.”

Those who know agree that while other brands will probably continue to have reliability problems, Sony will remain the problem-free leader.  Many consumers agree with Bob Mariotti who says, “Buy the best you can afford, and most times it’ll pay for itself in satisfaction.”

Phil Harris of Washougal, Washington, had a different experience,  He brought home a 42 inch Visio set from Costco, the TV had issues from day one. “The colors went out, and there were white spots all over the screen,” says Harris, a retired engineer. Vizio sent techs, who “changed a bunch of components, but that didn’t work.”

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Haynes Marks Ten Years with Encompix ETO ERP Development

Haynes Marks Ten Years with Encompix ETO ERP Development

Mary Jo Haynes is an industry veteran with nearly 30 years experience in the software industry.
With more than 2,150 customers worldwide, Made2Manage Systems Inc. has a 20-year track record of delivering enterprise resource planning software and a broad range of services that meet the unique market specifications of more than 30 manufacturing sectors, including industrial and commercial machinery, fabricated metals, rubber and plastics, electronics, analytical and measuring equipment, furniture and fixtures, durable goods, and metals, wire and cable. Made2Manage Systems’ sustained leadership position in the ERP marketplace is built on a commitment to fostering productive, long-lasting customer relationships, developing a quality product line based on unique industry specifications, and providing excellence in customer support and professional services.
Encompix (www.encompix.com) a business unit of Made2Manage Systems, has filled the manufacturing software requirements of engineer-to-order companies since 1992. The company name reflects a commitment to developing business application solutions that encompass the complex areas of project-based and job-based manufacturing. Encompix provides ETO manufacturers with a competitive advantage by improving bottom line results.
She started her career working on mainframes for the NCR Corporation, Dayton, Ohio in 1977. Mary Jo joined Encompix in 1996, and is responsible for managing the development team. During this time she was responsible for database design, defining and enforcing programming and quality standards that have greatly improved the quality of Encompix software. As Lead Architect, Mary Jo is responsible for the systems analysis and design of many of the major enhancements to the Encompix product line. As an integral part of the Encompix Product Team, she works closely with customers to ensure that Encompix software addresses the needs of engineer-to-order companies.

Prior to joining Encompix, Mary Jo gained considerable experience at Digital Controls Corporation and NCR Corporation in both programming and systems analysis. Mary Jo graduated Magna Cum Laude with Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Wright State University and gained an Associate Degree in Applied Science (Programming) from Sinclair Community College.