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Lathes Q&a

Lathes Q&a

More Lathesquestions please visit : MachineryFAQ.com

What is the best bearing to repair holes within plaster next to lathe still contained by tact?
refurbishing old homestead I’ve used The Great Wall Patch for that same thing. Go to www.thegreatwallpatch.com. They have a movie on their site on how to do it. I bought mine through www.doitbest.com. It be easy! Source(s): www.thegreatwallpatch.com You purchase a metal mesh…
What is the best channel to suspend shelving on a lathe and plaster wall?
The best way obviously, is to find the studs and anchor into them. But the plaster & wood lathe have a strength advantage over drywall, allowing a much more secure anchor by pre-drilling and using a butterfly anchor. Its exceedingly, very difficult. Best thing to do…
What is the best passageway to maintain a piece of wood that be turned on a lathe while green from checking and cracking
I turned a tool handle out of green maple, not the best choice but it was mostly for practice, but it come out nice and i’d like to avoid checking as it dries if possible. you coould…
What is the best turning tool used for carving out the inside of wooden bowls using a wood lathe? Tools pet name.?
There are dozens of turning tool so please be precise.. O.K.! there are several type’s of tool’s used in the turning of bowl’s, as here are for “normal” wood-turning. A “Bowl Gouge” is used for heavy removal of…
What is the biggest lathe you ever see contained by person(not on TV or pictures)?
My biggest one ever seen is that the chuck was 72in contained by diameter. Please be serious. lathe? At the Northern Nevada Railway Museum in Ely, they have one next to a 3 foot diameter chuck and 20 feet long. The Naval Weapons Factory (either…
What is the difference between a contrivance center and a lathe?
Machinist for over 30 years. A lathe rotates substance against a fixed tool in 2 axis. A machining center can be a CNC mill that machines in 3 or 4 axis beside a fixed or tilting or rotating part, or a CNC lathe that turns parts and also does…
What is the difference between a lathe ( a type of drill/saw) and a pedestal/floor drill?
i was just wondering going on for this question because in my engineering lesson i be asked and i didnt know so please tell me. also the rest of the class didnt know. a lathe is normally a horizontal milling contraption, and the floor…
What is the Difference between CNC and CNC Lathe?
Is one newer than the other and does one work differently than the other A Lathe is a machine tool. CNC is short for computer numerical control which is software. CNC lathe is a lathe that is to say controlled using computer numerical control. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) is sort of…
What is the difference between CNC Lathe and CNC milling apparatus?
I tried to search the difference between CNC lathe and milling but i didn’t find any good explanation. Lathe is a rotary process in which the tooling is stationary and the work moves. Milling machine is a linear process where on earth the tool moves and the work stays…
What is the difference between lathe,nc electrical device,cnc lathe?
CNC is a NC system that utilizes a dedicated, stored program computer to achieve some or all of the basic numerical control functions. As of this writing the typical CNC system uses a minicomputer as the controller part. It is expected that in future generation of computer numerical control,microcomputers will become…
What is the difference. Steady rest and follow rest on a lathe?
Thanx Both the steady rest and the follow rest are used while turning a long slender piece of work to prevent it from bending away from the tool while it cuts. The steady rest mounts to the bed of the lathe and stays in one place, while the…
What is the easiest opening to remove stoneware tile from lathe and plaster walls?
How should I approach removal of the tiles from the floor? I did this years ago. I ended up having to send for in a professional. I ended up tear up alot of the plaster. Sorry I wish I could help you more. This would create…
What is the gear ratio surrounded by lathes while thread adjectives ?
The gear ratio is not relevant, what matters is the “Threads per Inch” rate at which the deck feeds. There are several standard TPI basis’s depending on the diameter of the threaded piece. Oh, My God! Some really wonderful answers that completely ignore the Material in quiz…All machining…
What is the gear ratio within lathes while thread adjectives ?
Depends on the lathe and the thread you want to cut. Overall, the ratio is the ratio between the pitch of the threadcutting leadscrew and the pitch you wish to cut. If the leadscrew have 8 TPI and you want to cut 32 TPI, the gear ratio would be…
What is the introduction of lathe apparatus?
*A lathe is a machine tool which spins a block of material to complete various operations such as adjectives, sanding, knurling, drilling, or deformation with tools that are applied to the workpiece to create an doubt which has symmetry about an axis of rotation. Lathes are used surrounded by woodturning, metalworking, metal spinning,…
What is the lathe of Scray?
No idea, I hold checked online and no one seems to own heard of it…I am intrigued so I will put it on my watch record to see what comes in. ? It is part of the Diocese of Canterbury, consisted of the Lathe of St Augustine, Lathe of Shepway and the upper division…
What is the meeting point lathe? what is lathe by the course?
See wikipedia Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lathe_(meta… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lathe_(meta…
What is the required spindle to gearbox ratio for a clausing 5914 gearbox on a homemade lathe using belts?
Lathe is homemade but gearbox and lead screw are from an old clausing 5914 model. gearbox have 9 slots with a knob labeled A B C. lead screw is 8 tpi. Just want to install on homemade lathe for threading according…
What is the smallest lathe ever built?
Probably something to do with watch making, try googling “keep watch on maker lathe”. Here you go http://www.lathes.co.uk/manson/ Just found a smaller cnc lathe http://unit.aist.go.jp/amri/group/finemf… . . Watchmakers Lathe

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