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Blow Out your Sales Numbers by Closing More Sales Leads

Blow Out your Sales Numbers by Closing More Sales Leads

How to get an Affordable Online Lead Management Solution to Increase Sales & Profits

Lead Management System Description & Deployment

Summary of Lead Management Solution

This paper gives your company a rock solid lead management architecture and lead management strategy. This is designed for any business that needs to generate leads and create revenue. This lead system fits for the small business with a direct sales team and will deliver maximum value to the largest enterprises with insides, directs, reps, dealers, and distributors. This roadmap will cover how to easily and effectively communicate lead, opportunity, pipeline, forecast and quote information to remote sales people and sales channel partners. This system makes sure all leads and opportunities that are passed to remote salespeople and sales channels are followed up promptly, worked efficiently and reported back to your sales business accurately. This system, if deployed as suggested, will exponentially increase sales lead qualification and closing efficiency and will return exponential dollars spent on this investment. (link to Benefit opt in page)

The Communication Problem with Remote Salesteams Costs Deals and Dollars

How effective your sales channels are will differentiate your company. Strong, efficient channel operations will take market share from competitors. In many cases, competitive sales teams are using the same distribution partners. The strongest mindshare, enhanced by how easy your company is to work with, will win the biggest market share.

Communication and collaboration with channel partners is both critical and time consuming. Sales companies use email, phone and even fax to route leads and to gather reportable data. Extranets, an online sales tool that the partner must sign into to report, can cause pain with the vendors because of the time it takes to train, and use the tool.


Strengthen Communication with Sales Channels to Increase Sales

On the surface passing and following up on sales information is fairly easy.

Lead and opportunity data is passed to the correct salesperson and all a sales person has to do is apply sales methods. Companies have been doing this for generations and many are still doing this data transfer the exact same way they did years ago.

It is progressive and logical for a business to seek out better and more efficient ways to communicate with key partners and the internet has laid an elegant solution at your doorstep. Waste can be cut, sales cycles contracted and sales dramatically increased by deploying simple, powerful and affordable web based lead management applications.

How Do Your Leads Get to the Right Salesperson?

Leads are expensive. Possibly as high as 150 USD per sale lead. Money is wasted, and opportunity is lost each day when the lead process is manual and slow. This adds time to the sales cycle and will let competitors set the sales cycle parameters with the prospect first.

So the lead is passed to the distributor, now what? Getting updates manually are time consuming and inefficient. Perhaps the lead goes to quote, where in many cases your resources are expended to do this quote, and it just stalls in its tracks, no feed back and no order. Is the sales person working the lead to your satisfaction? The biggest hole in sales is when professional follow up is needed to move a lukewarm prospect to hot. All sales people can close the “hot lead.” Not many have the patience to professionally manage a longer sales cycle of nurturing, informing, and positioning the prospect for when the timing is right to buy.

Solution to the Problem to Cut Waste & Increase Sales Closing Rates

Simple, affordable online technology can cut waste and dramatically boost sales efficiency. The complete sales cycle, from lead inception to lead revenue can be automated by using solid sales force automation technology. This is done using web services, or online sales tools like DataForceCRM, that can route, and track sales leads and report sales data.

DataForce starts a communication series with your salesperson. This is a closed loop lead monitoring system that uses code on the server and “smart email notification” of lead status. This notification is routed to the correct salesperson quickly. The lead can be go through an approval or review process and then passed. This is based on your workflow.

The lead can be auto assigned using the web and routed to the proper sales resource. Business rules can be embedded that route the lead first to a regional sales person at the the sales company. This direct sales resource can quickly evaluate the lead detail and decide to work it personally or pass it on to a partner using the dealer management right in the lead detail. All necessary activity to move the lead to a qualified state or rejected is captured; all history, activity and sales efforts at the direct and the sales channel resource are captured. Now management can plan and employ strategies to boost sales based on real data.

Accurate and Real – Time Reporting will Drive Sales Up

This work is easily view by sales management and marketing can quickly create lead efficiency reports. These summary reports are easily generated and show lead to opportunity, lead to close and also time frames from stage to stage. The lead is color coded, green is new, red is delayed, blue is accepted by partner. This makes lead review simple. Sales management can review 100s of leads in seconds and understand what is new, what is delayed, what is working according to plan and what has been accepted by remote salespeople. This sales force automation is very powerful. This eliminates the waste in manual follow-ups and manual administration.

If and when the direct sales person decides to route the lead to the right distributor all he does is click in the opportunity detail and assign to the distributor of his choice. This kicks off a series of events that assign and engage the distributor into a closed feed back loop using the web to route, require actions on a set time frame and get updates from the distributor. All updates are visually monitored by manufacturer sales and sales anagement using color codes. For example; the manufacturer channels director only has to look at a lead report and see a lead has changed to a bright blue color signifying it has been assigned to distribution AND the distributor has accepted the lead and is working it.

Now all other required actions are also automated; qualification, presentation, quotes, whatever is right for your sales cycles to give you the highest success factor. What if the dealer is good at getting the lead to quote but stalls frequently at this stage? Sales management can see this; the lead turns a color like red, to visually show sales management where the bottleneck is. A conclusion in this case may be the distributor goes to quote too fast without proper qualification or he is just not following up in a timely manner.

Specific Solution

DataForce Leads has worked with our customers on lead assignment and tracking problems and has developed a very specific solution which is quickly deployed. This solution is completely configured and delivered in less than one week. The sales channel partners are not forced to sign into a foreign sales tool and training is not necessary at the channel partner. All collaboration is done using a simple email form that notifies and updates the sales resource and interacts with the sales database at the originating sales company. Near real-time sales data is now shared including lead and opportunity history, pipeline data and granular forecasts which drive efficiencies throughout the sales channel.

A Success Story: Sales Up over 30 % using a simple, powerful Online Sales Lead Solution

ITW: Loveshaw of South Canaan, Pennsylvania sells capital equipment through over 400 dealers in the US and non US territories. Previously, all sales data was gathered using emails and phone calls. Many deals fell through the cracks due to no visibility. Loveshaw deployed DataForceCRM last year and they now import all trade show leads directly into the DataForceCRM system. Leads are routed to regional sales managers based on the state where the lead contact resides. If there is more than one regional sales manager in the state, for example in the state that HQ is located, then the tool will also look at zip code for correct routing. The RSM now quickly evaluates the lead in an Opportunity Detail. This detail shows company/contact, lead source, description and even notes if applicable. The RSM just works the deal or with one mouse click sends to one of 400 distributors of his choice. This mouse click has started a closed loop chain reaction of immediately notifying the distributor of the lead and asks him to update on a required, timely basis.

Real-time Sales Tracking

The lead/opportunity sends out a phone home message on a pre-set time frame. The alert is simply checked off by the correct salesperson which updates the sales database. Lead color codes are used for fast checks of lead progress. The lead turns a bright red in the lead report if it has not been touched. The lead can then be easily reassigned to another sales resource. Data records are immediately updated from lead to opportunity, to quote, win, lose or draw all using html auto responders. Meaning all the distributor has to do is click in an html form and the ITW: Loveshaw sales database is updated real-time. This means the sales reports including granular product line forecasting are also updated.

Improve Sales and Marketing Processes to Improve Sales

Business executives can view the efficiency of the trade show marketing spend as well as the effectiveness of each of their 400 plus distributors. This solution has cut sales cycles, eliminated waste from the sales cycle and has made all ITW: Loveshaw leads 100 % accountable. The end result was a 30% increase in sales in the first full year of using DataForceCRM.

What to do next

DataForce Leads is offering 5 Free users of their award winning online lead management solution. Register today for your 5 Free users at http://www.dataforceCRM.com/free-sales-tool

There is no obligation and best of all your account set up your training and you support are FREE.

Call us: 866-858-4789

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