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Sun’s Explosion Theory

Sun’s Explosion Theory

The Sun’s Explosion Theory

Propounded by: Priya

We all curious to know about the formation of the universe. Everybody knows the big bang theory which is known as one of the theories of the creation of universe. The creation of universe always fascinates me. I have studied the Big Bang theory and other theories of the creations of the universe but none of the theories are full proof and many questions are still un-answered that how big bang happened and what was the source of the explosion etc. I have propounded a theory of the creation of universe which could be the possible answer to the complex question of the creation of the universe. I hope it is a matter of interest to the scientist community and they will study the matter with this angle and hopefully prove this theory. I hope the experiment in CERN will also be successful and will reveal the secrets of the creation of the universe in the time to come. This study should also be included in our space programmes.

My theory is based on the SUN. At the beginning of the universe there was only Sun and the oldest object in the universe. The sun was a giant and a ball of fire. The sun was fueled by nuclear fusions and reactions.  Due to powerful explosions and gastric pressure the sun was exploded into many pieces and the pieces scattered in the entire universe. The pieces and the dust particles began to rotate in the Universe. Due to heat and rotation these pieces and dust particles came together and formed many solid matter/structures. With the passage of time these solid matters cooled. Due to rotation, gravitational pull and other forces these solid matters took the shape of egg or round shape and thus formed the entire universe system ie planets, stars, asteroids, meteors, solar system, black holes and milky way

and these bodies are named planets by us such as earth, Mars etc. and satellites Moon etc. This is the reason that all the planets are either egg shaped or round. This process took millions of years to form such shape which we look today and this is a changing phenomenon. Change is the nature of universe and everything is changing with the passage of time. The other reason in the support of this theory is, we may found dust particles and meteorites roaming in the universe till today. Many asteroids, meteors, dust particles rotates around the planets and form rings for example Saturn has its ring. Similarly Neptune and Uranus has faint rings.

Which are formed due to the dust particles which rotates around the planet and many planets are too hot and,

  1. Some planets are hot and some are cold these are due to their temperature and formation and distance from the sun etc. Due to the big explosions in the sun, the universe was formed and the sun become small in size as we see today but it is so big that thousands of earths can only form a sun and there are explosions in the sun even today which supports my theory. Every body revolves round the sun and that is why the day and night is formed on the earth and everywhere else. Sun is the source of all energy and life in this universe. The earth is also a part of the sun earlier it was also extremely hot and it cool down with the passage of time and then life existed in our planet. Volcano eruption on earth and many other planets proves my theory that earth was very hot and could be a part of the sun which scattered from the sun many years ago and formed the solar system. I strongly believe that scientific study and research on Sun will definitely help the scientists to know more about the universe and its formation. This theory will definitely help the scientists to study more in this direction to reveal the secrets of the universe for the benefit of mankind.

Any feedback in this regard and reward is welcomed as I have given a new  and reliable theory to the world.

*********      Propounded by:PRIYA in the year 2008.

Copyright with PRIYA

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