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What Makes Bissell A Great American Company

What Makes Bissell A Great American Company

I love to try out new products to see if they really work,  read  my “The Little Robot That Could”, article.  When I saw the commercial about a spot removing machine that worked with just a push of a button I was on board.  This product is called the Spot Bot and it’s one of the spot removers that actually does remove stains.  I’ve tried it from everything from pet stains to drink spills and after Spot Bot does it’s thing with the simple push of a button the carpet looks so clean where the spot was that it makes the rest of the carpet look bad.  The Spot Bot has a surface stain button, which runs it through a quicker but also effective clean up, a set in stain button which I use mostly because the cycle is longer, you can also use the hose button and detach the hose to do a more wide spread clean up.  Even though the Bissell Spot Bot is a terrific cleaning machine, the reason I also like it is because the Bissell company stands behind their products.

After being absolutely satisfied by my Spot Bot, one day my little machine ceased to work.  I went on the Bissell website and found a number to call for repairs.  I was told to bring my Spot Bot to a small company in my area.  I thought that I probably wouldn’t see my Spot Bot for a lengthy amount of time, or maybe my repair estimate would be really high which usually happens with electronic products that I have purchased from other companies in the past.  I still decided to bring my Spot Bot because it’s hard to give up the machines that make my clean up just a little bit easier.

A  little time went by and I received a call from the repair company and they told me Bissell sent me a new Spot Bot.  I was thrilled I wish more companies did business like this.

Now a little trivia on how Bissell got started.  Mrs. Bissell needed something to clean up the saw dust in the crockery shop that she and her husband Melville Bissell owned so Melville then designed the first machine and the Bissell Company was born.  After Melville’s passing, Anna Bissell took over the company and became the first woman CEO of an American company.

Item Marking as Per the New Mil-std-130m Standard

Item Marking as Per the New Mil-std-130m Standard

All military and defense related items needs to be standardized according to the MIL-STD-130L standard to be UID compliant. However, certain problems were observed regarding the item marking method and that’s why the Department of Defense (DoD) made certain amendment in the previous MIL-STD-130L standard and a new standard known as MIL-STD-130M was proposed on 2nd December 2005. As compared to the earlier standard, this new MIL-STD-130M has been proposed in a thoroughly detailed manner so as to offer better guidance.

Starting from label verification to direct part marking, the new MIL-STD-130M standard is involved in every aspect of item identification process. Permanent labels must be used in all tangible military items. However, those labels must be non-removable, chemical resistant, fade resistant, scratch resistant and legible for the life of the item being affixed. Various materials such as polyester, brushed aluminum foil, polyimide, high quality paper, laser etching and dot peened tags are used.

Scope of MIL-STD-130M

As per the MIL-STD-130 SPEC, there was an impending requirement for military product data content to be available for both human-readable information (HRI) i.e. free text and machine-readable information (MRI) applications of item identification marking and the new MIL-STD-130M addresses that very criterion. This item identification marking method is a must for all military property produced, stored,, stocked, and issued by or for the Department of Defense (DoD). The figures in this MIL-STD-130M standard are intended only for better illustration of the textual context and hence the presence or absence of figures has no bearing on the applicability of the stated standard.

The two types of identification marking as per the new MIL-STD-130M standard are discussed briefly as follows.

Human-readable information (HRI) marking

As per the new MIL-STD-130M standard, HRI marking should be done in a clear text conveying required information, fully visible and readable without the use of interpretative devices. This is defined in section5.2.2 of the new standard. The HRI based text should have information about the item identifying number, part number and LOT number of the tangible military products. Guidance for the machine-readable information marking protocol utilized should also be included as supplement in the HRT text form.

Machine-readable information (MRI) marking

Along with human readable marking, machine readable marking (MRI) is also mandated for all items according to the new amendment in the MIL-STD-130 SPEC. for MRI marking, pattern of squares, bars, dots, or other specific shapes containing information interpretable through the use of equipment are designed specifically. The patterns can either be visible or can also be applied for ultraviolet, infrared, or other non-human visible reading capabilities including digital protocol applications. It should have serial number, part number, manufacturer’s identification number and National Stock Number (NSN).

However, certain military items such as Electron Tubes, Batteries, Rayon or Woven garment, Rocket Motors, Petroleum and related products and Integrated Circuits manufacturing are excluded from the provisions of this standard as per MIL-STD-130 SPEC. Mechanical Tubing, Carbon and Low-Alloy Steels, Aircraft Tubing and Copper Base Alloy Mill are some of the industries which are also excluded from using the new MIL-STD-130M standard.

LG HBM-760 bluetooth car kit

LG HBM-760 bluetooth car kit

LG HBM-760 bluetooth car kit is a very down to earth model that provides all the basic features that you will find in most bluetooth car kits. After dishing out basic models for years LG has yet again designed the LG HBM-760 bluetooth car kit which is very simple and stylish and also comes at an affordable price. The size and shape of the LG HBM-760 bluetooth car kit is similar to most models from LG measuring 1.74 inches long by 0.75 inch wide by 0.37 inch thick.
The LG HBM-760 bluetooth car kit has curved edges with silver trimming running around a blue LED. The inner side has the ear piece that is typically covered with rubbery ear bud. I paired LG HBM-760 bluetooth car kit with the Sony Ericsson W550 and the call quality was rather unacceptable. There was noticeable static in the background, and my friend on the line said I sounded a little muffled and sometimes had to ask to speak louder. We could still hear each other, but there’s little noise cancellation. It doesn’t have protection against windy environments either.
Though I still use it while driving and the LG HBM-760 bluetooth car kit does come in handy where there are strict laws against driving while on the phone. I simply use it because of the price at which I bought the LG HBM-760 bluetooth car kit which was incredibly cheap for the quality it delivers. Though not the best bluetooth car kit ever but its long lasting sturdy body and reliable technology is enough of a reason to buy it considering the price. The battery life on the LG HBM-760 bluetooth car kit is not quite extraordinary as well: 6 hours talktime and 8 days in standby though I have naver tested.

Led Dash Lights

Led Dash Lights

Light Emitting Diodes are one of the widely used diodes that not only are energy efficient, but are also very cost effective as they facilitate in saving money. LEDs’ are actually semiconductor devices that are being brought into play by simply connecting them in the circuits. Dash lights have become a trend and people want to have something unique in their vehicles. One can find a variety in the market in case of dash lights. These dash lights usually incorporate incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, but LED Dash Lights are also becoming popular as they have beneficial characteristics and give an excellent backdrop. In comparison to the new traditional dash lights, <a href=&”http://www.ExtremeTacticalDynamics.com&” >LED Dash Lights </a>produce very less heat. This reduces the chances of breakage of any filament in the bulbs and so they last for longer duration.

LED Dash Lights

LED Dash Lights are being extensively used these days due to their valuable characteristics. There are wide varieties of dash lights from which people can choose the best ones that fit their requirement. These dash lights are windshield mounted with high outputs that are available in different colors like blue, amber, red and many others. The best part is that these Dash Lights are available at very reasonable prices.

Varieties of LED Dash Lights

LED Dash Lights are being used in the most of the vehicles including emergency and utility vehicle. There are numerous models available in the market from which people can choose the best suited. In case of law enforcement and other emergency vehicles these dash lights are preferred in red and blue colors, but other people can choose from the assortment of flash patterns and colors.

  • LED dash lights with 48 LEDs’
  • LED Dash Lights with 66 LEDs’
  • Single Head dash Light
  • Dual LED Dash Light
  • Extreme LED dash Light
  • Extreme 12 LEDs’ dash light

Availability of LED Dash Lights

LED being the most excellent diodes that facilitate in saving money, LED Dash Lights are now obtainable at most of the outlets. Moreover, being presented at cheaper rates, these dash lights are in demand. One can even purchase these dash lights from the various manufacturers that are available on the net. The <a href=&”http://www.ExtremeTacticalDynamics.com&” >LED Dash Lights </a>with various flash patterns can be chosen easily from these vendors.

Benefits of using LED Dash Lights

  • LED Dash Lights have the capacity to last longer and therefore one does not needs to replace the dash lights time and again.
  • LED Dash Lights can operate for 100,000 hours without any rupture and come with a warranty period.
  • As compared to halogen lights, LED Dash Lights can save more power and hence are very cheaper.
  • Moreover, the carbon emissions from these LED Dash Lights are very less and so they are much safer than any normal dash lights.
  • Some of the LED Dash Lights are available in various flash patterns. So, one can choose among the huge variety.

So, opt for LED Dash Lights for you car and vehicles.

Wireless Scale – For Convenience And Accuracy

Wireless Scale – For Convenience And Accuracy

There was a time when convenience was regarded as a luxury. And if you were a hardworking type of a person then though conveniences were good you could easily do without them. But in today’s fast paced world where you have to get more done in less time convenience is no longer a luxury it is now a necessity. And whenever a process becomes a routine part of our personal or professional life it is upon us to find the most efficient way to accomplish the tasks required to be done.
Take for example making weight measurements. Innumerable number of businesses need to weigh objects day in and day out. Therefore every convenience that makes the procedure more efficient is welcome. This is why weighing technology has seen a lot of effort being put into making weight measurements more accurate, faster and easier to record. It is the last attribute that is the selling point of wireless scales. With the help of a wireless scale weight need not be recorded where the object is being weighed but it can be read and recorded remotely at another location where recording the weight is more convenient for a variety of reasons.
The fact that the scale is wireless can increase the efficiency by as much as 50%. This is because the person placing the object to be weighed on the scale doesn’t have to perform the additional task of recording the weight. The weight can also get stored in memory and you can weigh yourself as often as you like and have the record of the reading conveniently available to you when you wish to review the readings. Another example is when the person weighing the object is too busy to get involved in recording the weight and it is not possible to have another person standing by to record the weight. Here a wireless scale is very useful since the weight can then be recorded at a more convenient remote location where the required man power is available. Also the weight can be recorded automatically as well doing away with the need to have a person record the weight. You can see the latest wireless scales at www.paylessscales.com/wireless-scales-c-25.