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How To Make Sure You'll Get An Effective Driving Simulator Training

How To Make Sure You'll Get An Effective Driving Simulator Training

Driving simulator training is a modern way to learn driving. It is very much different compared to the traditional approach to driving training. Generally, it is effective. However, there are things that you have to do to make sure that training with it will perfectly work.

The major difference between driving simulation and manual training is the machine they use. While the traditional approach uses a real vehicle, the modern option utilizes a simulator. By definition, a simulator is a machine that mimics and then stimulates real environment for various purposes.

There are various industries to which a driving simulator can be used. Those industries are product development, research, entertainment and training. Among them, driving simulation is mostly associated today with training. That is because it can provide a very effective means to learn driving.

As has been said though, there are things that you need to do first to ensure that training with the said modern option will perfectly work. If you won’t implement those things, you will not fully experience the effectiveness of the said training. But just what  are those things?

  • You need to make a research. Know as much as you can about the said modern training. You can join online forums about driving simulation or in any topic related to it. The knowledge that you can gain from your research will basically help you decide if you would really want to learn driving with it.

  • Finalize your decision and be prepared. Analyze the information that you have gathered from your research. Weigh the pros and cons of training with the said new method. If you have decided to really go for it, be prepared. That is be prepared of its financial requirement and the set-up of the training.

  • Choose well your driving school. There are now many driving schools that offer training with the use of driving simulator. In fact, there are even driving simulator training online. However, the training on the web is lacking compared to that in a driving school. When looking for a school though, take a careful look on the course offered. Consider and compare various schools to know which of them is the best to sign up to.

Sure, driving simulation can offer you an effective way to learn driving. In order to get the best out of it though, you have to know how to be in a truly effective driving simulator training.

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Virtosoftware Announces The Release Of Virto Ajax List Form Extender 1

Virtosoftware Announces The Release Of Virto Ajax List Form Extender 1.0.1 – A New Version Of A Web Part For Customizing Sharepoint List Forms

San Francisco, CA, February 11, 2010 — Virtosoftware presents a new version of its most recent Ajax and JavaScript based web part for Microsoft SharePoint. The web part is designed for quick and simple customizing SharePoint list forms for creating, editing and viewing list items.
For all SharePoint lists and libraries there are assigned default forms that are displayed when a user wants to add, edit or view a list item. These forms sometimes contain a very restricted amount of information about the list or the item, have some problems with usability or just do not always look nice enough. With new Virto List Form Extender web part by Virtosoftware you can easily design your own list forms and replace with them the default ones to fully satisfy your specific needs and requirements. The web part is extremely easy to install, adjust and use. Additional features include autofill fields, defining default field values and setting up security rights for restricting the access to specific tabs and fields.
Virto SharePoint List Form Extender 1.0.1 offers the users a number of new features. First, there is a plenty of new visibility setting for fields that can be placed on the list forms. Now Virto List Form Extender allows user to adjust access to the fields of the list. It’s possible to select groups of SharePoint user or a single user who will be able to view a field on an item form (new form, edit form, view form). Second, the autofill option is extended. Now there is an autosuggestion feature allowing users to choose an existing field value when entering text in the field. Finally, new tooltips for form fields have been designed. Now they look much better and can contain any text including URLs.
The web part is based on Ajax and JavaScript technologies which guarantees among quick access to a list form data without postback. It is important to know that Virto List Form Extender does not fully modify the default list forms that are stored on your SharePoint server, but rather extends the list form features and functionality on the client side, keeping the option to restore the default forms available at any time.
The new version of Virto List Form Extender is already available at http://www.virtosoftware.com/sharepoint-list-form-extender.aspx. Visit the website for more information about the product and other Microsoft SharePoint web parts by Virtosoftware, trials and demo versions as well as installation and user guides.
Visit: http://www.virtosoftware.com for more details or contact us: sales@virtosoftware.com

Powerful 2 DIN 7 Inch Touchscreen Car DVD + Bluetooth

Powerful 2 DIN 7 Inch Touchscreen Car DVD + Bluetooth

Are you tired of all the flashy “brand name” car DVD’s that cut corners on features but still cost ridiculous prices? Take a look at this unit; massive 7 inch touchscreen, Bluetooth, IPOD, USB and SD Input, and 4.1 channel preouts. What an incredible range of features for a unit at this price.
This has been a constant customer favorite because of its quality build and attention to detail that ensures end-user satisfaction from even the most discerning car AV aficionado. Details like a USB female fly lead that can be routed through to the glove box so that your expensive MP3 player is kept out of sight as well as a structurally sound faceplate slide that removes annoying rattles on those epic driving journeys really show the fine design details put into this unit.
This is a great system at an even better price and is accompanied by our famous 12 month warranty, so why wait any longer to get it? In stock in our warehouse right now, order yours today at our excellent factory-direct wholesale price and have it installed in your vehicle by next weekend!

Manufacturer Specification

  • Discs/Formats Played: DVD, DVD+R, DVD-R, VCD, CD, CD-R, MP3, WMA, JPEG, MPEG4 (DIVX, XVID-AVI)
  • Video Color System: PAL/NTSC/AUTO
  • Screen Information:
    - Screen: 7 Inch LCD Touchscreen
    - Screen Resolution: 480×234
    - Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    - Video Output Level: 1V p-p
    - Contrast: 150:1
    - Horizontal Resolution: 500 TV Lines
  • TV Tuner Information:
    - Tuner Frequency: 48.25~847.25 MHz (VHF/UHF)
    - Color System: PAL, NTSC, SECAM
    - Audio System: DK, I, BG
  • Audio Information:
    - Max Power Output: 50W X 4
    - Signal-To-Noise Ration SNR: >80dB
    - Full Treble, Bass, Balance and Fade Control
  • Input/Output
    - Rear Camera IN
    - IPOD in
    - USB IN up to 2GB
    - AV IN (Video + Stereo Audio)
    - 2 TV Antenna IN
    - Radio Antenna IN
    - 2 Video OUT
    - 4 Channel Preout OUT (RR,RL,FR,FL)
    - Subwoofer Preout
    - Auto Antenna Control and Rearview Camera Switching
  • AM Tuner Range: 522~1620KHz
  • FM Tuner Range: 87.5~108.0MHz
  • RDS (where available)
  • Bluetooth Properties: Handsfree (Built in Mic)
  • Manufacturer Ref: 9WYULDOAJ0DT

Other Features:

  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Responsive Touchpanel
  • Strong Faceplate Slide Mechanism
  • Multiple Screen Viewing Angles
  • Note: Not all functions shown on the touch screen panel pictures are activated with this model (GPS)
  • Wonder if you can really do it yourself? Check this out – Information On Installing A Car DVD Player


  • Model CVSAV-4310 main set
  • User Manual
  • Remote Control
  • Face Plate Surround
  • Wire honest
  • IPOD in cable
  • Mounting hardware
  • Login for Wholesale Discount Price
  • Written By: Steven

Visit the website: http://www.boutic.power-heberg.com
You will find much more. Current Reviews:    2 This product was added to our catalog on Monday 12 May, 2008.

Reviews for: (Powerful 2 DIN 7 Inch Touchscreen Car DVD + Bluetooth)

  Powerful 2 DIN 7 Inch Touchscreen Car DVD + Bluetooth awesome sound, qualiy build, very pleased with productby Richard Eaton – on 08/23/2009

I am very happy with this stereo. It is well built and the sound is wonderful. I am happy to recommend this to anyone. And a bargin pricetag to boot. Thanks Chinavasion!

  Powerful 2 DIN 7 Inch Touchscreen Car DVD + Bluetooth i love sinavasion top quality top komminikationby MOHAMMED LABZIZ – on 07/27/2009

best chinavasion top quality,top komminikation

The Use Of Biometric Data By UK Car Hire Companies

The Use Of Biometric Data By UK Car Hire Companies

The car hire industry has never really been at the forefront of technological development, this however is set to change with the widespread introduction of biometric data recorders in many car hire outlets countrywide. This move is an attempt by UK rental companies to secure their fleets while maintaining high levels of customer services. The use of biometric data however has created somewhat of a furore amongst the press ad the public. With the recording of this data, a large set of privacy and personal information questions are raised; naturally human rights arguments are abound in opposition to the use of these technologies.
While in the past the recording of your fingerprint was simply a way for police to compile information on suspects for crimes, today their recording is far more widespread. UK car hire companies have started using electronic scanners to build a biometric profile of their customers. The first scheme in the country has been trialled at Essex’s Stansted Airport; this scheme was a mandatory recording of a thumbprint should a customer wish to hire a car. Understandably the response has been mixed, some do not mind having their thumbprint taken while others feel that this is an invasion of privacy and worry about what will happen to the data once it is stored.
Rental companies claim that the data will be used in the event of theft and will subsequently be handed over to the police if the car is not returned. As rental cars are often used in other crimes it is hoped that this will help the police not only recover stolen vehicles, but hep to prevent crimes in other areas. This is particularly true at Stansted Airport where a spate of thefts have occurred involving major rental companies. It is believed to be direct response to the large numbers of thefts by organised criminals using stolen vehicles for crimes such as bank robberies.
The reasons behind the introduction of biometric data seem logical enough but this has not prevented many from criticising the scheme. The fear of the ‘Big Brother’ world is very real amongst the public, a fear that the rental companies in question are quick to allay. They claim that the data will never be used unless a crime is committed. This reassurance has not pleased all however. One particular customer stated that after being made to give his thumbprint his initial reaction was that the representative had to be joking. After being told that it was a new compulsory scheme, any semblance of comedy left the customer’s mind; later saying that this was clearly an arbitrary and disproportionate form of tackling car crime.
In the past the passport has been the predominant form of identification needed to hire a car. This however is fraught with problems as clearly cars are being stolen on request with false identification. Additionally, many people are concerned about handing over their biometric data to companies, as fears over how this data will be stored and the security of this storage are understandable concerns. It is not just the car hire industry however that are utilising this technology. Many other industries are already embracing it as a more secure way to carry out transactions. For instance some shops within the UK now have thumbprint scanners that are used for credit card payments. As well as this the modern passport also contains face mapping technology on a microchip that allows for closer scrutiny at border control.
The argument over the use of biometric data is surely set to continue within the UK. It is not just the car hire companies but many others who see it as a way to prevent crime and protect assets. As rental companies are ever more pressured to find ways of securing their fleets it is an understandable reaction that is likely to become widespread in the coming years.

Earth4energy Guide Torrent-Earth 4 Energy Review

Earth4energy Guide Torrent-Earth 4 Energy Review

It is no doubt that most citizens are bothered by the problem of huge energy cost every month. And all of us know clearly that without energy, we can barely live a single day! Is there a perfect way to solve our problems? Mr. Michael Harvey helps us find a way in his wonderful e-book—Earth 4 Energy.
Earth 4 Energy is a thorough e-book which will help you to build up your energy system step-by-step by your own hands and in your own way!
With the rapid spread of the wave of renewable energy, there appear various books that introduce how to set up an energy device. However, undoubtedly, Earth 4 Energy is the best choice. Not only because it proved itself on the market in the first place, but also it has far more detailed information than its competitors as well as great reputation in the alternative world.
With simple and doable instruction, massive explanation of photos, illustrations and diagrams plus an assistant video containing the whole process, you are able to DIY a solar panels or wind turbine as your wish. Furthermore, Earth 4 Energy has fine service afterwards. You can send e-mails whenever you come across with problems in making the device, and will get satisfied answers in short time. In addition, you can sign up to attend the forum to communicate with other guests.
How beautiful! Giving only $49.97, you will install an energy system, cut your high energy price and protect the environment! You get three birds with one stone! What a bargain!
So don’t hesitate, go and get a copy of Earth 4 Energy! Download Click here