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Tulsa Public Records

Tulsa Public Records

Tulsa Public Records are now available online. You can search Tulsa Public Records by using one of the links on this page. If you want to find public record information about someone from Tulsa, you have come to the right place. Don’t wait – start searching Tulsa Public Records right now.

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Public records refers to information that has been filed or recorded by local, state, federal or other government agencies. You can use public records to locate an individual and find his or her contact information. Public records that are created by the federal and local government are accessible to the public through physical files or online listings. You can search thousands of Tulsa Public Records in seconds for free using the link below:

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If you want to find Tulsa Public Records, your best option is to use a public records website, which allows you to search through Tulsa Public Records for free in less than 15 seconds. A membership at an online public records database costs less than $3 per month (less than one cup of coffee) and is a great long term investment in this tough economy. Don’t waste your precious time – use the link below to search the internet for Tulsa Public Records. I hope these online tools help you find the public record(s) that you are searching for. Click Here to Search Tulsa Public Records for free right now!

IT Networks: How to Argue for a Bigger Budget

IT Networks: How to Argue for a Bigger Budget

With computer networks, that mindset is dangerously
complacent.  IT networks will keep pumping data until they die or
let in hackers.  Here are some winning arguments against “if it
ain’t broke…”

IT Network Maintenance: Better Analogies

Don’t let your IT network’s budget get lumped with IT in
general–or worse, operations in general.  “If it ain’t broke,
don’t fix it” sometimes makes sense in IT or operations. 
Upgrading workstations or desks can cost productivity, making it

You have to stress that IT networks are different from workstations or desks.

IT networks are harder to repair.
IT networks cannot be done without until fixed.  You
depend on them for email, web, file transfers, and in some
organizations, printing, fax and telephone.  If your network
breaks you may be forced to rely on hand-written letters.
IT network improvements rarely lower productivity on the
front line.  Instead, a faster, more reliable network can improve
front-line productivity.

Here are the analogies you should stress to counter “if it ain’t broke”:

Plumbing: IT networks will appear to function until they
burst.  The damage will be more expensive than maintenance ever
could have been.  In the meantime, you are losing productivity to
all the little “leaks.”
Dams: If a poorly maintained IT network bursts, the eventual flood will harm overall productivity.
War: There is no such thing as “good enough” when you are in
competition.  With an IT network, you’re in a quiet arms race with
hackers.  You are also competing with your business competitors in
terms of productivity.
Health: Your IT network has to be in top physical
condition.  You can’t make up for bad habits with a week or two of
“rejuvenation.”  Meanwhile, your day-to-day performance will
Cars: Don’t wait for your IT network to conk out.  Get a regular tune-up of up-to-date equipment.
IT Network Maintenance: What Can Go Wrong

Now, let’s drive the point home.  Here are some concrete,
easy-to-explain reasons to keep your network up-to-date:

Power supplies.  Without redundant backups, your network
is vulnerable to a shutdown.  The lost productivity will make
extra equipment seem inexpensive in comparison.
Integrity.  Faulty or contradictory data can break older
networks.  Newer equipment has solved these problems.  Again,
the potential cost of lost productivity makes newer equipment a good
Firewalls.  Hackers can leak trade secrets stolen from
unprotected networks.  Firewall software upgrades are relatively
VOIP.  Organizations worldwide are switching to
VOIP–not just outside-line telephones but also switchboard and
teleconferencing.  If your network is out-of-date, it may fail
when you eventually try this new technology.
Speed.  Older platforms such as 10BASET will throttle
your bandwidth.  You can now upgrade to a Terabit or more. 
Just think of the seconds, minutes, hours, and days lost as staff wait
for email to arrive and web pages to load.

Final tip: show how cost-effective IT network maintenance
really is. Get a firm cost estimate from a vendor.  Just make sure
your cost estimate is as competitive as it can be.  You can often
get new equipment at half the cost of retail by buying refurbished

Close your case for a better network with this wisdom: no
matter what you pay, keeping your network up-to-date is cheaper than
the consequences of letting it fall into disrepair.

How Do Jay Abraham’s Fundamental Truths for Increasing Your Profits and Audio Tie Together

How Do Jay Abraham’s Fundamental Truths for Increasing Your Profits and Audio Tie Together? – Part 1

Should I refresh your memory about what Jay Abraham teaches?

One of the fundamental truths according to Mr. Abraham is that a business can only grow in three ways:

1. By increasing the number of customers (we’ll refer to this as your marketing strategy).

2. By increasing the product’s price (we’ll refer to this as… well, your product).

3. By increasing the number of times a customer purchases from you (we’ll refer to this as your back-end).

So, what is the connection between multimedia, specifically audio, and maximizing the three ways to grow your business; i.e. your marketing strategy, your product and your back-end?

Just keep reading…

» Audio can be used as a creative marketing strategy. People are sensory creatures. A simple yet effective audio message can help you create a better connection with your prospects. This connection may lead to an increase in your sales conversion rate. That means more money for you.

It’s a proven fact people are more likely to remember what they both read and hear. Therefore, an audio message along with your copy will really help deliver a powerful message (and for that matter, so will an appropriate and well positioned video clip).

» Audio will help increase the perceived value of your product. Adding audio mp3 files to your existing ebook (or the one you were planning to write) can easily double the perceived value of your product. Best of all, once you’ve recorded and uploaded mp3 files to your download page, you are finished. Even better yet, if you sell a tangible information course, adding audio CD’s with the package will greatly increase the perceived value of your product.

» Audio can help your back-end sales in two ways. For one, you may offer related products like an audio CD or an mp3 download to your current customers.

And this can be done no matter what type of product you are selling. If it is a tangible item that requires some skill, why not record an instructive guide for how to use it?

You don’t even have to write anything at all if you don’t want. Simply set-up an interview with someone knowledgeable in your niche and record away. Can you see how your product will create itself for you?

You can also use an audio marketing campaign to help increase your conversion rate for any affiliate products you offer (or should be offering) as a back-end to your customers. Virtually no one records an audio message for affiliate products. No one wants to work that hard! Imagine what could happen if you give it a try?

What’s so Special About a Ringtone

What’s so Special About a Ringtone?

You might think they’re pointless. It’s just a sound to alert someone that someone is calling. What’s wrong with the classic ring? Well, it’s similar to the reason you chose to buy that fancy camera phone over the good old Nokia that every used to have. It gives a phone personality, just like a phone gives you personality. A person who has a custom ringtone is one that would love for someone to say “I love that song!” when their phone rings. Some people even hold their phones for that extra five seconds so they can listen to their ringtone.

Ringtones come in three varieties: monophonic, polyphonic, and MP3. Monophonic ringtones are those you may be most accustomed to. Remember that old Nokia that everyone had? Those were monophonic ringtones. The phone can only play one type of note at a time. As you can imagine, it makes for a very dull ringtone. But, you must remember, this was all the rage “back then.”

Now, polyphonic ringtones have become the most popular ring tones. These polyphonic ringtones allow for the phone to play up to 16 tones at once, creating a beautiful harmony that can more closely duplicate the sound of a song than a monophonic ringtone can. Almost all phones available now are compatible with polyphonic ringtones.

MP3 ringtones are in close competition with polyphonic ringtones for being the most popular. These are the actual MP3 versions of songs, so you can hear an actual song when your phone rings. Most major national cell phone companies offer phone compatible with these ringtones. All ringtones cost between $1 and $5 to download.

It may be surprising that ringtones are a billion dollar business, but you must consider the millions of people that use cell phones. Everyone wants to be the first to have a popular ringtone, so many people download multiple ringtones. Some people even argue that the cell phone will replace the modern day MP3 player in the near future. Imagine an iPod that was also a cell phone! The only hurdles hindering the process is a battery that could sustain both the MP3 player and the cell phone along with the proper memory to store the files.

Look for MP3 player/phones in the next year or two!

Important Tips Concerning An Auto Battery Charger

Important Tips Concerning An Auto Battery Charger

The auto battery charger of today is much more efficient than the clunkers of the past. Almost all cars use a 12 volt battery. Many newer models of auto battery chargers can be used without the use of another car and without the use of jumper cables.  You can plug the battery charger into your cigarette lighter and within ten to fifteen minutes, the battery will be recharged. This style is especially useful for a woman or man who travels a lot and could be stranded; or for a person who has no knowledge of how to use jumper cables.
If you purchase an auto battery charger that needs to be attached to your car battery, you simply connect the red positive and black negative cables to the positive and negative receptor on your car battery before turning the charger on. Some chargers will start the car immediately; others will have an On switch that you’ll need to flip.
Most manufactures of auto battery chargers offer chargers designed for deep cycle, gel cell, standard, or maintenance free batteries. These chargers can also be used on motorcycles and recreational vehicles like snowmobiles.
Do a little research before you purchase an auto battery charger. Be certain to consider the size of the battery and how much it weighs. If you own a very small car, you’ll want to buy a smaller style battery, especially if you keep the auto battery charger in your trunk. These portable chargers are very safe and not at risk for exploding as they use a lower current than the quick jolt that is used by jumper cables. The great thing is that they will give your car battery just enough charge to get it started in a safe manner.
Once you purchase an auto battery charger, it’s important to keep it clean. This will help prolong the life of the battery charger. You can keep it clean by vacuuming the outside of the charger, gently blowing out the vents with dry, clean air, and by keeping all objects away from the auto battery charger.